Want a filled venue? Target the right people.

What makes for a sold-out event?

Is it a great headliner act? The perfect venue? An unbeatable ticket price?

Sure, all those ingredients are essential, but here’s the harsh truth: No matter how fantastic your event is, you won’t sell many tickets if relevant people don’t discover it.

Now, that sounds painfully obvious.

Yet getting your event in front of just the right people isn’t always a clear-cut task.

If you’re one of the luckier event organisers, you already have an established following who’ll sign up to any future events you announce. Or you might be catering to a niche community where everyone’s interested in the same type of events.

But what if you don’t?

Then you have a few choices, each with their own challenges.

Mass marketing is hit and miss

First off, there’s mass advertising like buying ads in newspapers, distributing flyers, paying for roadside banners, and so on.

However, blanket promotion is rarely effective. You might catch the attention of a few likely attendees, but you’ll also be paying to promote your event to those who simply couldn’t care less.

You don’t want to waste money chasing people who’ll never be interested in the first place.

Which brings us to…

Personalised marketing is hard…

To get smarter about your marketing, you might opt for a more targeted approach. You could buy sponsored Facebook ads where you segment people by interests and other relevant factors.

You could also try running AdWords campaigns to target people who use searches related to your event.

Here’s the catch: You have to already know your audience pretty well to do any of this. Personalised marketing requires thorough customer research or at least an educated guess as to who your likely audience is.

...or is it?

At Billetto, we think there’s a better way.

We believe that truly individual event recommendations are the future. Our whole platform is built upon making event discovery as natural as picking a Netflix movie to watch.

At the core of this are proprietary algorithms that display handpicked events to relevant visitors based on their ticket purchase history and other events they liked.

In other words, we have a way to automatically match your event with people we already know are likely to be interested.

People browsing Billetto are actively searching for events and are likely to purchase a ticket if presented with one they like. Targeted recommendations shown at this point have a good chance of leading to an extra sale.

By simply listing your events on Billetto, you get this recommendation engine working for you without any further involvement from your side.

In short, this means more (relevant) eyeballs on your event with no extra effort.

It’s what we call personalised marketing done right.

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