New Billetto features launched in 2016/2017

Billetto is a living platform. We're constantly updating and expanding our mix of features to better cater to Enterprise clients, Billetto organisers, and ticket buyers.

Let's take a look at the new tech updates and feature launches that took place in late 2016 and the first half of 2017.

Enterprise client features

Loyalty management

Our Enterprise clients have a more streamlined way to administer partnership programs and reward their VIPs and partners with access to lounges, reserved seats, and so on.

Season pass renewal

Holders of e.g. stadium season passes now have a smoother way to renew their existing pass. We’ve tweaked the UI and improved our communication around the renewal process, including more informative error messages.

Stadium tickets

Our stadium Enterprise clients can now print special “stadium tickets” along with the standard ones.

Box office credit card terminals

We now ship physical credit card terminals to Enterprise clients to help facilitate their physical box office sales and integrate transaction data into their Billetto dashboard.

Organiser finance API

We can now send all relevant financial data via API to a third-party finance system of a client’s choice.

Other organisers features

Event recommendations

In early February 2017, we’ve launched our very first iteration of personal event recommendations.

Ticket buyers will now see suggested events based on their purchase history and event likes. Similarly, event organisers might have their events displayed to people who are most likely to show an interest.

Pricing campaigns

We’ve introduced a pricing engine called “Campaigns” that lets organisers define multiple conditions and outcomes to automate their ticket pricing.

For instance, “If someone buys 4 tickets or more, apply a discount of 15% to the order.” Less admin for organisers, better discounts for ticket buyers.

The feature is still in Beta testing by select customers but should become broadly available soon.

Speakers list

If your event involves guest speakers or performers, you can now add a name, title, and a picture for each of them. These will be shown on your event page, right above the map.

Role management

As an organiser, you can now add collaborators to help edit and administrate events. Three roles are available with different levels of permission: Employee, Financial Manager, and Administrator.

You can learn more about how this works right here.

Ticket buyer features

“Sold out” labels

If no tickets are available for an event, we now display a helpful “SOLD OUT” sign directly on the banner. Ticket buyers will no longer have to click through to an event to see ticket availability.

Location search

Ticket buyers can now use location as a filter when looking for events to attend. Simply type an address and set the maximum distance within which to search for relevant events.

In-app map search

Ticket buyers can now search for upcoming Billetto events and have them displayed on a map of the area. From here, it’s easy to click through to an event of their choice and sign up or buy tickets.

Under-the-hood updates

Complete app overhaul

We’ve rewritten the code for our smartphone apps to ensure better performance and make it easier to release new features going forward.

Stronger tech infrastructure

Similarly, we have a more robust tech infrastructure behind the platform. We have a new tool to run background jobs, a better way to render PDF tickets, improved hosting, and more.

In the end, it all translates to a better, more stable experience for anyone using Billetto.

Better ERP system

We’ve upgraded to an improved internal ERP system. This allows us to better process ticket revenue and handle payouts to organisers.

New URL structure for events

New, simplified event URLs went up in late March 2017. Event URLs are cleaner and offer a more straightforward way to structure and share events.

We expect to release more features and improve upon the platform all through 2017.

A version of this article first appeared on Billetto's Medium blog.