Popular events draw huge crowds. GET THEM IN - FAST.

Avoid queues, speed up check-ins, and handle visitor flow with our complete scanning suite.



Their tickets - Their choice

Your customers have their preferences. Don’t limit them to a specific ticket format. Our platform lets you scan any type of ticket with equal ease.


Print-at-home tickets

Mail order tickets

Digital tickets

Season passes

RFID bracelets

...and more.


Multiple scanning methods

You’re likely to use a mix of different devices and methods to check people in. Our platform adapts to your way of doing business.


Export guest list for easy printing

Scan ticket QR codes using our free smartphone app

Use third-party professional scanners

Integrate your turnstile terminals with Billetto

Automate check-in flow with RFID scanners



Redeem vouchers easily

Presold vouchers can be scanned and redeemed using the same suite of scanning solutions.


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