Customer Story: Danish Architecture Centre (DAC)

The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) is on a journey to become the epicentre for contemporary urban architecture and design - not just in Denmark but internationally as well.

DAC pursues this goal in two ways. First, by making architecture fun and relatable for everyone. Second, by bringing together industry professionals - engineers, builders, contractors, architects - to facilitate a shared vision for a sustainable future.

DAC has a core belief that “architecture can change cities to become more livable, lovable, and sustainable for the many.”


Architecture is everywhere

In practice, this translates to an eclectic mix of events: exhibitions, guided city tours, architecture travels, educational activities, conferences and networks for professionals, and many more.

Susan Wedell-Wedellsborg is DAC’s Digital Business Developer. For her, the focus is very clear:

“Architecture is everywhere. It has a huge impact on our well-being and the way we socialise - it really does shape our lives. Our purpose is to open up the world of architecture to a wider audience.”

As an example of this, DAC hosts workshops for children where they learn about architecture by using games and toys they are already familiar with, like LEGO bricks and the computer game Minecraft.



In May 2018, DAC will be moving to a new home: BLOX - an architectural icon designed by the Dutch architect practice OMA and brought to life by the Danish philanthropic association Realdania.

For DAC, it’s not only about moving into a cool building. First off, BLOX will serve as an architectural exhibit in its own right. DAC is already organising guided tours of the building.

But most importantly, moving to BLOX will greatly expand the space DAC has available to host exhibitions and events. As a result, DAC expects a massive increase in the number of events and visitors.


The search for a ticketing platform

In gearing up for the increased visitor flow, DAC ran into a realisation: The old ticketing system wasn’t built to handle this new reality. Therefore, DAC set out to find a new event platform, with a particular focus on two criteria:

  • Customer Journey: Making the experience of buying tickets and booking events smooth and frictionless.

  • Data Insights: Getting a much better understanding of DAC’s primary audience, their behavior, and their needs.

DAC gave serious consideration to four ticketing platforms. Billetto wasn’t one of them. Well, at least not to begin with.

At the time, Billetto didn’t quite live up to DAC’s “data insights” expectations. Yet Billetto managed to turn this around by developing the necessary capabilities and convincing DAC that it was the right one for the job.

DAC eventually picked the Billetto Enterprise Solution as its event platform of choice.


“It’s a partnership!”

What distinguishes DAC’s relationship with Billetto is that the latter doesn’t simply supply an off-the-shelf platform. The two see each other as equal partners in developing the solution for DAC and gradually expanding the platform features.

“It’s really a two-way partnership,” says Susan, “We face hiccups along the way - we knew that - but what’s impressive about Billetto is their ability to focus on solving any challenges as they come up. The team does this with professionalism and with an insightfully positive approach.”

This goes both ways. To truly get the most out of the Billetto platform, DAC learned that it had to bring its internal processes and organisation up to speed. In a sense, Billetto challenged DAC to grow, too.

“It’s a great platform. We like it, and we especially enjoy that we keep finding new ways to upgrade and optimise. Yet we’ve also learned that we have to put in the hours and focus to gear the administration and internal processes - in a way that allows us to truly benefit.”


Bring on the next chapter

As it stands, Billetto is already helping DAC with the stated purpose of improving customer journey and gaining better insights into DAC's audience. For instance, DAC has witnessed a shortened conversion time for many events due to a more streamlined purchasing experience.

According to Susan, “We’ve been able to professionalise the way we sell tickets and the way we adapt to data. Overall, it’s working very well. Both parties are interested in this partnership, which we at DAC can definitely feel.”

But the world doesn’t stand still. DAC and Billetto are already working on exciting new features like membership cards and automated trigger messages to ticket buyers.

Now, DAC looks forward to the next challenge: Scaling all systems and processes to meet the explosive visitor growth after the move to BLOX. Susan, for one, sounds confident:

“We have faith that we now have a great platform which will only keep getting better in the future.”