Still charging the same ticket price to every attendee? Stop!

How many different ticket types do you usually put on sale?

If you’re anything like the 30,000+ event organisers we host on Billetto, the answer is “just two.” That’s...not a whole lot. Events tend to have a one-price-fits-all approach to ticketing. Precious few organisers tailor their pricing to different audiences.

It’s a shame, really.

You see, differentiating your pricing makes good sense.

Different needs. Different prices.

Let’s be honest: Your event attendees are not the same. Their needs are different, too.

Some just want a basic ticket, others want VIP access. Some live nearby, others have to travel for miles just to get there. Some are regulars, others are attending for the first time ever.

A person living far away has to think of transport and accommodation. To them, getting a discount on the ticket price may just be enough to seal the deal.

In the end, adjusting your prices to suit the customer can mean the difference between a happy guest and an empty seat.

Too many tickets?

Here’s the catch: What if a ticket buyer is at once an “early bird” and someone who lives far away? What if they want your “fast track” option but are also bringing their kids and should get the family discount?

Handling such overlaps could quickly get overwhelming. If you’re to add a separate ticket for each possible combination of discounts and special prices, you might end up with hundreds of tickets. It’d be a mess to navigate for both you and ticket buyers.

On top of that, if you had to manage all of this manually...well, you’d likely go crazy.

Fortunately, there’s a better way…

Pricing: Automated.

What if you could automate this complexity? What if all it took were a few simple settings you’d set up just once and then never worry about again?

That option exists.

It’s a Billetto Enterprise feature we’ve developed specifically for the purpose of automating adjustments to ticket prices. We call it “Campaigns.”

The way it works is simple: You define a few straightforward pricing conditions and outcomes.

For instance, “If someone buys 2 or more tickets, add a 15% discount to the order.”

Or “If someone buys a ticket before Sunday, it should cost £10 instead of the usual £15.”

Here's how that might look:

After you define these rules once, you’re all set.

The campaign engine will take it from here, unlocking discounts and special tickets based on conditions fulfilled. And yes - it does make sure that all valid discounts are applied.

In our above example, someone buying 4 tickets before Sunday will get both the “early bird” and the “bulk purchase” discounts: The tickets will cost £10 each, and a further 15% discount will be applied to the order.

Less hassle for you; better discounts for your audience.

Does this sound like something for you? You can take our platform for a demo test drive by getting in touch with one of our representatives.

If you'd like to learn a bit more about features similar to "Campaigns," take a look at the "Loyalty" toolkit.